I am currently a PhD Candidate and research assistant to Dr. Birgit Linder at the City University of Hong Kong. I have finished my MA in Kassel, Germany, and have participated in 4 international conferences over the past 2 years. I have also participated in research activities, such as the dissection of SF as a concrete genre with Dr. Lars Heiler, as well as an ongoing research with Prof. Dr. Daniel Goeske, which focuses on the Irish immigrants in New York of the 1850s. Other research topics and presentations include: an analysis of the urban structure of the USA and how it affected and still affects the "civil rights movement", various psychological analyses of protagonists in works of speculative fiction, as well as various smaller excursions into aspects of violence and religion in video games. I have published works in conference proceedings and literary journals, as well as in various online magazines.

My main research is primarily focused on "alternative literary interpretation" and I specialize in the creation of methods for literary analyses. The Capability of Multyplying personalities is something completely new in the field of literary interpretation. Not only is my research (CMP) being funded by the Hong Kong government, but has garnished the attention of both colleagues and scholars from all over the world.